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Mon - Fri: 8:30am - 5pmSat & Sun by appointment only!


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Sick & Wellness Visits 

We accept scheduled and some same day appointments.  We also have an after hours number where you can call for non emergency assistance.

Weight-loss Programs 

Try out one of our most effective programs to manage weight-loss using HCG and B12 injections.  We also have some of the most popular appetite surpressants available that will aid in immediately weight-loss.  Speak with your provider today to see which options are best for you.


Video Visit 

 If you have ever went out of town and fell ill, lie in bed because you were too sick to move, or could not get a scheduled appointment with your doctor...this feature will be of a great importance to you. From the privacy of your own home can do a live video chat with your licensed professional and recieve a diagnosis, treatment plan and prescription without leaving your bed.

Sports Physicals

We service patients 10 and up.  In need of sports physicals? Our physical are priced at $50 and are on sale now for only $30!


Well Women Exams

Our well woman exam’s include in overall physical, breast exam,  as well as a vaginal care. Don't neglect your health, make your Wellness Women's appointment today!

We provide too many services to list!

If there is a service that you’re not sure if we provide, please call our office to ask.


We now have digital gift cards available for purchase!

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